Startup Analysis Boardroom for Angel Investors

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  • Top quality startup investment deals

  • Best-in-class due diligence

  • Personalized consultation

  • For experienced, new, accredited and non-accredited investors​

Why Investing in Startups Is Rewarding

Potentially High Financial Returns

Buying companies' shares at much lower costs before companies go public or get acquired can be much more profitable than buying and trading stocks in public markets.

Mentally Rewarding

Founders  want  early investors' feedback to validate product, business ideas.  Inspire founders &  contribute to the success of multiple companies without being their employees.

Emotionally Satisfing

Early investors help startups launch and scale innovative products and services to solve more real-world problems, enhance more lives. Investors help create more jobs.

What Are People Saying About SABR

 Robert Soles,  Mold Designer, Programmer, Machinist, North Carolina 

"I have been a member of several angel investing websites. Some you need to pay large fees to be part of, but I do not feel you get the kind of quality research and knowledge that you do with SABR. Helen is very knowledgeable in her field and she is quick to share what she knows. If I still have questions, I love that I can get them answered during our live consultations. I know I have become a smarter angel investor and that I have added better quality deals to my portfolio using SABR. My advice to anyone reading this is to save your money, go with SABR and invest with more confidence.

 La Shon Fleming, Attorney, Founder, Investor, Houston, Texas 

"SABR is the bridge that connects angel investors to the best start-up company investment deals.  Helen at SABR is passionate about helping investors choose deals with the best possible returns. Helen puts forth the effort, diligence and scrutiny on numerous startup investment deals that many of us don’t have the time, skill or desire to do so.  Before I choose any investment deal, I want to know if that deal made the SABR list.  I enjoy the interactive Q&A sessions that help to provide additional insights and knowledge. Anyone interested in becoming a savvy angel investor needs to add SABR to their investment process.

People Are Talking

John A Moreland III, Operations Manager, US Army, Veteran, Angel Investor, Hawaii

"Helen at SABR is always professional and passionate about helping investors. Helen is very meticulous when analyzing a diverse variety of deals across different industry sectors. Helen puts in a tremendous amount of work to vet deals so investors can make sensible decisions & save time.  I really enjoy the interactive QnA sessions that provide additional insight & knowledge.  I now have a better understanding of how to mitigate risks while looking for a return on my investments.  The superior quality of Startup Analysis Boardroom for Angel Investors (SABR) due diligence service that Helen provides is phenomenal, 5 Star rating.   I highly recommend SABR to everyone. 

 Kerby Scales, Electrical Engineer, Navy Veteran, Angel Investor, Silver Spring, MD  

"Startup Analysis Boardroom (SABR) is a game changer.  SABR provides a service that is highly needed by angel investors. The due diligence Helen conducts on each deal she selects is unparalleled. Her analysis reports are spot on, including every essential detail. Helen also conducts a question and answer session twice each month to help members gain more insight into deals she selected and different aspects of angel investing. Helen is also very responsive to emails. Where can investors get this type of quality service? I will answer this question – ONLY FROM SABR!!!  Helen, thanks again and keep the deals coming!!!! 

J. Brooks,  Inventor, Engineer, Investor, Silicon Valley, CA

"Helen at SABR is incredibly thorough and disciplined in conducting due diligence on investment deals. Even as a fairly experienced investor, I’ve found Helen’s information extremely useful. Her research helped me see the potential of a company in a sector that I’m less familiar with, and I ended up increasing my investment in this gem. Investors of all types (accredited and unaccredited) with different budgets can immediately benefit from Helen’s services"

John Hume, Recruiter for the US Air Force, Veteran, Investor, Oklahoma

"I definitely give 5 stars to SABR for the quality of startup investment due diligence service that I have received. SABR gathers, analyzes and breaks down massive amount of information on each investment deal in SABR’s deal flow. Her comprehensive & objective approach to deal selection and due diligence is literally foolproof.  She opened my eyes about how to manage risks while aiming for high financial returns. As an avid investor, I won’t invest in another startup company without hearing from Helen first!

LiFang (Lily) Zhao, Education Sector Project Manager, Investor, Silicon Valley, CA 

“Helen at SABR is one of the most amazing speakers Harmony Plus has had the pleasure and honor to feature in our podcast series. Her unique combination of technology, business & investment experiences inspired tens of thousands of our listeners. Helen’s extensive knowledge and angel investing topic attracted more than 43,000 live listeners, achieved our podcast record-breaking attendance. Her domain expertise & excellent communication skills translated the complex angel investing due diligence process to layman’s terms. Helen excels in her work, not just because she has specialized skills and maintains high standards; more importantly, she is truly passionate about empowering regular people to become savvy investors by providing best possible services.”

Alex Leo, Financial Advisor, Trader, Investor, Entrepreneur, Philadelphia 

"As someone who has worked as an advisor, trader, sat on multiple company boards, run publicly traded companies, & raised capital for startups, I believe Helen’s expertise & knowledge in crowdfunding, market strategy and investment analysis is unparalleled. She has brought an easier method to separating the risks on investments to help investors make choices. I consider her method to be disruptive to the market analysis world in the sense that not all start ups who raise capital based on hype are good investments and not all startups that aren’t raising as much capital are mechanically bad investments. Her methods can help bridge that crowdfunding disconnect

Scott H., Network Engineer, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, Sacramento CA

"The insight that Startup Analysis Boardroom (SABR) provides is simply amazing.  In just a few short minutes, I can take a look at the analysis report and know if I want to invest in the startup or not.  This saves me an incredible amount of time and allows me to quickly assess and move on.  The live consultation with Helen allowed me to get my questions answered and learn even more in the process.  I highly recommend this service to anyone either new to the realm of startup investing or those that lack the time to perform deep due diligence themselves."

Mojgan Skelton, MBA, Investor, Entrepreneur, Forex Trader, New York City

"I believe Startup Analysis Boardroom (SABR) is the platform that is needed in the market for all angel investors. I found Helen's expertise, experience and expansive financial and marketing background is a given complement to the service she provides. Not only Helen's customized startup analysis is spot on and comprehensive, it reduces the stress and time consumed to make decisive and accurate decision. Her knowledge and hands on experience blew me away."

Anyone Can Be an Angel Investor Today

Is it more profitable to invest in Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix during their first few years of operation or after they went IPO? The first option yielded far more lucrative results for investors! However, most of us were not able to invest like the wealthy 1% of the world and venture capital firms. 

Thanks to  Title III of the JOBS Act, a majority of the US population can now invest in startups.

  • Today the masses can invest as low as $10, $50 in a startup equity deal. 

  • Anyone over 18 years old can be an angel investor, participate in crowdfunding.

  • Anyone can make small investments in big opportunities.

  • Crowdfunding is expected to overtake venture capital as the main source of financing for startups.

Why Deep Due Diligence is Required

While it is possible for angel investors to make 500%, 1000%, 3000% gains from unicorns, but

  • Statistically 90% of startups fail. ​ A survey posted on Nasdaq showed that investors who spend 40+ hours on due diligence per deal gained substantial returns. 

  • Selecting deals from 200+ live fundraising campaigns on popular crowdfunding sites each month is time consuming, overwhelming and painful.


Consequently, new and experienced investors struggle to reach the desired outcome due to

  • Following the herd mentality, skipping doing due diligence.

  • Investing based on gut feelings, not doing enough due diligence.

  • Putting too many eggs in a few baskets, not diversifying enough.

How SABR Helps Investors of All Types

SABR solves investors' pain points:

  • Only select investment deals with potentially >1000% financial gains each. 

  • Conduct unparalleled due diligence across 35+ metrics.

  • Diversify deal selection across broad industry sectors.

  • Publish crucial findings and insightful analyses in easy to read reports.

SABR enables startup investors to:

  • Save a lot of time and energy.

  • Make informed decisions in a timely manner.

  • Effectively manage risks, budget investment size.

  • Optimize return on investment, increase rate of return.

What SABR Delivers to Subscribers

Top Investment Deals Based on Most Thorough Due Diligence

Best-in-class investment deal selection & analysis reports

  • Each month, out of hundreds of available public deals, SABR only selects the best of the best - six top  investment deals, each with potentially  >1000% return.

  • SABR's experts translate 40+ hours of due diligence per deal into an easy 5 ~ 15min read, saving investors' a ton of time. And time is money for investors.

Strategically Diversified Deal Flow to Gain Peace of Mind

Ideal for investors with different budgets & risk tolerance 

  • Diversification is in SABR's DNA to help investors mitigate risks and increase financial gains. Deals presented are strategically chosen across 20+  industry sectors & multiple top crowdfunding platforms


  • Vetted deals include B2B, B2C, B2B2C startups at Seed Stage, Early Stage, and Mid Stage to further help investors build diversified portfolios. 

Live Consultations to Meet Individual Needs

Saves investors even more time & energy

  • Super convenient and productive for members to video conference from anywhere.

  • Interactive QnA sessions to further assist investors in learning about each published deal.  

Investor Networking Made Easy

Leverage investor networks and knowledge

  • Meet other investors with shared interests.

  • Learn from each other.

  • Gain new insights and knoweldge.


   "Your net worth is your network!!"

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