SABR's Mission

  ★ Enable investors to efficiently learn about startups from diverse sectors.

  ★ Empower investors to manage risks and timely make informed decisions.

About Our Services

Angel Investors' Interests Come First!

Inspired by Common Investing Mistakes:

  • Invest in companies without doing sufficient due diligence.

  • Lack diversification to mitigate risks. But diversifying one's investment portfolio requires time, energy, analysis skills.

  • Allow gut feelings, herd mentality to drive decisions. 

  • Wishful thinking based on "guru's" hindsight on unicorns.

Comprehensive Approach to Deal Flow:

  • Select startups from diverse sectors, various growth stages.

  • Systematically apply same 30+ metrics to every deal analysis.

  • Validate startups' claims, identify risk factors.

  • Concisely summarize crucial findings and timely provide insights for easy understanding.

 What is Unique About Our Services?

  • Put investors' interests first. We walk the walk, talk the talk.

  • Conduct the most thorough due diligence on diverse deals.

  • Make it easy for investors to read and digest analysis reports. 

  • Further support investors by offering live group consultations.

  • Flexible pricing plans to best meet investors' needs.